Ford Kuga Electric Pandora Storm Immobiliser Dagenham Essex

11 January 2023  |  Admin

Many engineers stay away from these electric Ford models because they have issues immobilising them / have no understanding of the electric system, we have secured more Ford Kuga electric models than anyone else in the Essex area. Our Pandora Storm immobiliser secures the vehicle in such a way you won't even be able to turn the ignition on when the system is active. With the Pandora Storm you simply walk up to your vehicle with the ADR tag and the system will automatically disarm.

Without this secure ADR tag the vehicle will remain immobilised and you can't drive the vehicle, meaning you are totally secure even if the theif clones a new key or range extends your original key the vehicle won't move. When the Pandora ADR tag comes back into range you can unlock the vehicle and drive it as normal meaning the immobiliser system causes no hassle for daily driving. The Pandora Storm comes with 1 ADR tag as standard and the customer can add an additional tag if required.

Due to the Pandora Storm not using can bus blocking on the Ford Electric models it won't cause any issues with the vehicle unlike some other immobiliser products. We have researched these Ford Electric models in detail and have created the perfect set up for a reliable and effective immobiliser system, view the Pandora Storm here.

We are Pandora Platinum dealers for the Essex area meaning a very high quality installation and support if you need it in the future. Contact us today on 07525 068291.

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