Ford Focus ST MK4 Pandora Mini BT Fitted Essex

15 October 2019  |  Admin

If your a regular reader of our blogs you would remember the post from the Ford Fiesta MK8 and how easy it was to clone a new key via the OBD port around 35-40 seconds. The worrying part is the Ford Focus MK4 uses exactly the same running gear ( ECU's, BCM's and OBD port ) as the very easy to steal Ford Fiesta MK8. Ford have tried time and time again to make these vehicles harder to steal. It did slow down the key cloning process by 15-20 seconds ( longer to hack  But its no match for the hackers that create files to clone keys into these vehicles within seconds.

This customer wanted complete protection from key scanning, key cloning and wanted a full alarm package. We recommended the Pandora Mini BT because it's fully feature packed as standard meaning you get a full alarm, immobiliser and anti hijack system giving you total piece of mind.  The Mini BT protects all major zones such as doors, boot, bonnet. It also features many onboard sensors which can detect different types of attack such as the shock sensor detecting a brick going through the window, the tilt sensor detects the vehicle being jacked up ( someone stealing the wheels for example ). And the last sensor is the motion sensor this type of sensor is designed to detect the vehicle being dragged by a tow truck. All these triggers are sent to the 120db siren which is mounted within the engine bay.

The Mini BT offers anti hijack meaning if the owner is forcefully removed from the vehicle and the ADR tag exits the interior the anti hijack will start counting down and after the timer has expired the engine will be killed completely meaning you won't even be able to start the vehicle without an ADR tag. If you would like to find out more why not visit the Pandora Mini BT page. Or if your looking to get one installed give us a call on 07525068291. Remember we are the only Platinum dealers in Essex that can secure your Ford Focus MK4 ST to the highest standard.

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