Ford Focus RS Viper Alarm Fitting Essex

12 October 2016  |  Admin

There is only a small amount of dealers in the UK that are trusted enough to fit the Viper security systems made by Directed in the USA. We are lucky enough to be one of them few dealers that take on and fit the Viper security systems to your Ford Focus RS. These vehicles are going missing on a daily basis and with the huge waiting list you would have a great deal of problems of your loved Focus RS was stolen.

What do we recommend? The awesome Viper installation which we offer as a package protecting doors, boot, bonnet and the vehicles interior. The exterior is protected by a dual zone proximity sensor meaning if anyone walks by the drivers or passengers window glass the alarm will chirp.  we also double this up with a shock sensor which detects impact to the glass or bodywork and OBD port immobilisation.

The OBD port immobiliser is only immobilised once the alarm is armed. This means re-mapping / Diagnostic / Ford updates can be carried out with no issue at all. We keep the viper completely independent from the original Ford remote control ( Most secure ).

If you would like a Ford Focus RS Viper alarm installation contact us today on 07525 068291.

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