Ford Focus RS Pandora Immo

3 April 2019  |  Admin

This Ford Focus MK3 RS red edition was fitted with the Pandora Immo. This immobiliser is becoming more popular than ever due to its advanced features and excellent performance. More importantly this system is unaffected by a remap or any tuning modifcations. This system is designed to immobilise the vehicle instantly once motion is detected. If for example the vehicle moves 1 meter it will kill the engine instantly, the system works by detecting a tag is within range when starting the vehicle. if any point the tag leaves the vehicle while the engine is running the anti hijack countdown will start meaning the small hidden buzzer will start bleeping. Once the bleeping stops the vehicle will be immobilised meaning your at a safe distance from the hijacker and you can recover your vehicle when its safe to do so.

The Pandora Immo offers excellent protection due to there being no LED's or switches for a vehicle thief to trace back. The Pandora Immo uses an extremely small buzzer which is mounted behind the vehicles dashboard away from the Immo. Due to the sound / type of tone the Immo uses you simply can't work out where the bleeping is coming from behind the dashboard. The Immo also features all black wiring similar to an old Thatcham immobiliser meaning a thief can't simply cut the wires and rejoin them.

The Pandora Immo doesn't suffer from any forms of glitches or issues other types of immobilisers have when the vehicle has been remapped or modded, this is why the Pandora Immo is a fantastic choice to protect your vehicle on a budget. We are the ONLY Pandora Platinum dealers in Essex! why choose anyone else? Call Dave today on 07525068291. 

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