Ford Focus RS Ghost Installation Essex

9 May 2017  |  Admin

The Ford Focus RS is a major target for thieves in the Essex area. Customers are looking to do as much as possible to protect there vehicle. In Car Advancements are approved fitters of the Auto Watch Ghost product. On this RS Focus we installed the latest V3 unit which is compatible with the vehicle having stop / start as standard. The Ghost system is an hidden immobiliser which is so small once it's fitted inside the vehicle it is almost impossible to find. The system is disarmed by entering a series of button presses. ( For example Indicator up or down, Cruise control up or down and even accelerator pedal. )

You can even set up a mobile app on your Apple smartphone, so if you enter your vehicle with your mobile device it will automatically turn the immobiliser off meaning you don't need to enter the code. The Ghost is a step forward in vehicle security and gives you total security after 3 seconds of turning your ignition off.

The Autowatch Ghost stops all common types of key cloning over the air and via the OBD port meaning key cloning is a thing of the past once you have this device installed. Remember we are fully approved Autowatch dealers in the Essex area, being fully mobile we travel to you at your home or workplace. Call Dave on 07525 068291 to book your installation today.

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