Ford Focus MK2 ST Keyless Immobiliser Fitted Essex

27 September 2017  |  Admin

Owning a Ford Focus ST MK2 is still a worry due to the large amount of Ford vehicles getting stolen. The Keyless Ford Focus made from 2006-2011 has been known for poor security, The vehicles OBD port is accessed via picking the drivers door lock or smashing a window. Once the thief has access to this port the original alarm can be turned off in seconds and a new key is programmed into the vehicles ECU in seconds. We have 2 custom immobiliser cuts for this vehicle that immobilises the whole ignition and starter. Even in the event of a key being programmed a thief will not be able to get the vehicle started.

The immobiliser works and arms automatically 30 seconds after pressing the power off button on the centre console. The immobiliser will require a touch key to be placed onto the LED before the vehicles start button. In the event of pressing just the start switch nothing will happen and the display / cluster will remain dead until the immobiliser system is turned off.

This immobiliser is a full Thatcham Cat 2 once installed and may give you a discount on your vehicles insurance once installed. This immobiliser is more secure than any other immobiliser system on the market. Due to it immobilising more than just the starter. If you would like a Laserline Thatcham Cat 2 fitted in Essex why not give us a call on 07525 068291.

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