Ford Fiesta ST Pandora Immo Fitting Essex

22 August 2018  |  Admin

With so many immobilisers on the market many customers have trouble picking which one will best suit there requirements. The Pandora Immo is taking the market by storm with it's advanced features and anti hi-jack abilities. The system works by allowing the vehicle to start straight away once you sit in the vehicle, if for example the tag is not detected the system will immobilise the vehicle once it starts moving. If the tag is detected in range the vehicle will run and drive as per normal. However anti Hi-jack works in a a slightly different way, once the door is detected as opened the Pandora Immo will start a countdown which can be heard by audio chirps while driving. If the vehicle is still driven after these audio chirps have started it will fully immobilise after 30 seconds meaning the vehicle won't be far away but you the driver are a safe distance away from the attacker / hijacker.

The Pandora Immo features a free mobile smartphone app which can be downloaded to your Apple or Android. This allows you to make changes to the device such as immobiliser tag detection range, Anti Hi-jack settings and it also allows you to check the battery voltage of the CR2032 batteries. Meaning you can tell when the tag battery is becoming low. If in the event of the ADR tag battery going flat you can use your smartphone as a tag meaning you can carry on your route as normal without any form of delay.

The owner of this Fiesta ST decided on having the Pandora Immo due to excellent protection which can't be seen, no LED or wiring can be traced back. You wouldn't even know this system is fitted to your vehicle.

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