Ford Fiesta ST Autowatch Ghost Fitted Essex

29 March 2018  |  Admin

With the Ford Fiesta ST getting a huge amount of attention from the Daily Mail and other main headlines this week due to the major flaws in keyless security. No matter how many software updates the manufactures offer these problems never go away. In fact theft has risen over 33% in the last year alone, this issue is not only with Ford it is many vehicle manufactures that are all suffering from the security issue with keyless entry vehicles. The Fiesta ST made the headlines due to one area in the UK having over 90 cars stolen since the new year it has caused many owners to look at after market security.

The Autowatch Ghost now has better software which gives the customer a choice of 6 buttons. Passenger Window Up, Mirror adjustment up, down, left, right. The handbrake can also be used, but I wouldn't recommend it due to the possibility of the vehicle being parked on a hill.

The Ghost also has the ability to pair with an iPhone if you download the app. ( Apple App Store ). Every time you get into the vehicle with your phones Bluetooth turned on the Ghost will disarm without you needing to enter a pin code. We normally advise against the app due to the chance of your phone getting stolen with the keys to your car. Sadly Apple products don't require a finger print or pass code to turn the Bluetooth on or off.

The Ghost works by immobilising the vehicle until the ignition has been turned on and the pin code has been entered. Once the correct buttons has been pressed the vehicle with flash the indicators and you can now start the vehicle. If you would like an Autowatch Ghost fitted to your Ford Fiesta ST give us a call on 07525 068291.


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