Ford Fiesta MK8 ST Pandora Immo Fitted Essex

12 March 2019  |  Admin

The Pandora Immo is the system of choice for the owners of the Ford Fiesta ST MK8. This device works perfectly with the Ford BCM module meaning it doesn't cause any fault codes or issues when installing the Pandora Immo. The Immo offers engine immobilisation on movement and it also features anti hijack meaning if the owner ( who is carrying the tag ) is removed from the vehicle the Pandora immo / immobiliser will start it's anti hijack countdown meaning the vehicle will only immobilise at a safe distance from the owner ( allowing the owner to recover the car when it's safe to do so.

The worrying part about the Fiesta MK8 and MK8 ST is how quickly a thief can program a new key into the vehicles ECU. A Hacker made a tool shortly after the vehicles release in November 2017 coding a new key into the vehicles ECU within 45 seconds from start to finish. As always car thieves find faster and quicker ways to steal vehicles. This is were the Immo holds it's own in terms of protection. The Immo will allow the vehicle to start as normal ( tricking the thief ) but once motion is detected the vehicle will immobilise instantly. The vehicle won't be allowed to restart for 60 seconds to block out any more starting attempts. Once the time of 60 seconds passes it will allow the vehicle to restart as normal but if a tag is no present the vehicle will immobilise on movement the same as before.

The Immo not only offers excellent protection but it is a low hassle / no input required product meaning you can simply get in and drive without issue. The small tag has 1 CR2032 battery inside and these last between 6-8 months. The system also features an emergency override if the battery dies in the tag. This 6 digit code is unique to every system for the highest level of security. If you would like a Pandora Immo fitted by the only platinum dealer in Essex why not give us a call on 07525 068291.

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