Ford Escort 1990 Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 fitted Essex

18 September 2018  |  Admin

In Car Advancements treated this classic to a full Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser. The Cobra Cat 1 HF is an excellent choice due to the only part being seen is the LED which is mounted on  the original switch blank. The microwave sensor is secured under the center console meaning it detects movement within the vehicles interior. But the sensor can't be seen due to it being mounted under plastic. This alarm offers excellent security such as protection for the doors, boot and bonnet. The vehicle is also fully immobilised while the alarm is active. This means even if the vehicle is under attack and thieves attempt to bypass the ignition with a screw driver, the vehicle won't be able to start.

The Cobra Cat 1 also features a full on board battery back up siren. This means even if the sirens power supply is cut or disconnected the alarm will still sound @ 118DB. Cobra are the number 1 choice for classic vehicles due to there reliability and service life, no other alarm and immobiliser system even comes  close. On this install we also managed to link in the original factory locking meaning you can central door lock the vehicle from the Cobra remote. If you are looking for a Thatcham security upgrade on your classic Ford why not give us a call today on 07525 068291.

The Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 gives you ultimate security...

  • Protects Doors
  • Protects Boot
  • Protects Bonnet
  • Protects Interior
  • LED and override button ( 4 digit pin )
  • Thatcham Cat 1 Approved
  • Alarm & Immobiliser
  • 2 solid ABS remote controls
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