Ford Ecosport Pandora Immo Fitted Essex

20 March 2019  |  Admin

The Ford Ecosport is as common as the Ford Fiesta for getting stolen. The reason is they use the same BCM as the Ford Fiesta MK8 meaning the thieves can clone a key in the same way. The Ecosport is one of Fords new models which was released in 2017 and they are becoming more popular. The Pandora Immo is an excellent immobiliser for this vehicle, and offers protection against the common attacks such as key scanning and key cloning. The Pandora Immo will only immobilise on motion or in the event of a hijacking.

The Pandora Immo is a hidden device which is wired into the vehicles electronics. This device has no LEDs or wires to trace back to the Pandora Immo ECU. The immobiliser features a high pitched buzzer which bleeps slowly if the ADR tag isn't within range. The great part about this buzzer is because it is so high pitched you can't work out where the bleeping is coming from in the vehicle meaning it increases security even further.

The Immo is a hassle free immobiliser system and doesn't require any input from the driver / owner simply get in the vehicle and drive away. Providing you have the Pandora ADR tag on you the immobiliser will automatically turn off. If you require a security upgrade on your EcoSport the Pandora Immo is an excellent device. Call Dave today on 07525 068291 to find out more.

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