Ford Connect Laserline Can-Bus Alarm Fitted Essex

2 May 2019  |  Admin

The Ford Connect is at the same risk as other Ford vehicles. It shares the same problem as other Ford vehicles such as the drivers door lock unlocking all doors and the original alarm ( If fitted ) turning off via the drivers door barrel. The Laserline stays armed under all forms of door barrel or ignition attacks. The only way the Laserline Can-Bus alarm disarms is by using the original Ford 3 button remote or the coded emergency touch key. The Laserline Can-Bus alarm features a loud 118db siren which has a full onboard battery back up siren. Meaning even if the siren is attacked or the wires are cut it will keep sounding at 118 db.

The system features an LED which flashes every second to let you know the alarm is armed. Inside the interior on the A-pillars we mounted the laserline ultrasonics. The ultrasonics are designed to detect movement within the interior such as glass breakage or movement. Laserline security systems are made in Italy and have been making security products for over 20 years. Reliability is stunning in terms of product performance and the product is simply hassle free from when its fitted to many years down the line.

The Laserline Can-Bus system can be programmed to work on almost every vehicle in the UK. This means it would be very unlikely if we couldn't install the laserline alarm on your vehicle. To find out if Laserline has can-bus coverage for your vehicle or you would like a Laserline can-bus alarm installed give us a call on 07525 068291 to have one fitted.

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