Ford Connect 2019 Pandora Immo Fitted Essex

8 October 2019  |  Admin

The NEW Ford Connect 2019 which is based on the Ford Fiesta electronics system. Sadly thieves can still attack these vehicles in the same way such as key range extending, OBD cloning and OBD wire hacking. The original security is simply not up to the job and as such our customer was looking for a system that will keep the vehicle secure. We recommended the Pandora Immo this is a fully feature packed immobiliser that can't be key cloned or key scanned. This immobiliser features blocking on motion and anti hijack, without the secure Pandora tag being within the vehicles interior the vehicle will instantly immobilise once motion is detected. If for example the owner of the vehicle is removed from the vehicle by force once the ADR tag leaves the interior the system will go into anti hijack mode meaning the system will bleep for around 30 seconds after this timer has expired the vehicle will become immobilised.

The great part about the Immo is the very small sleek tag which sits on the keys and the ease of use meaning you simply get into the vehicle and drive away without worrying about inputting codes or button presses. The small Pandora ADR tag needs a battery replacement once every 6-8 months meaning its low maintenance, we always recommend replacing the battery with a decent Duracell CR2032.

The Pandora Immo also features a Bluetooth app which can be paired to your smartphone. Once paired you can view the battery voltage within the tags or you can put the system into Valet mode. Valet mode is used when you wish to put your vehicle into the dealership and don't wish to give them any ADR tags, valet mode allows them to work on the vehicle and also carry out software updates without causing an issue. If you would like a Pandora Immo installed look no further than ' In Car Advancements '.

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