Focus ST Rear Colour Coded Sensors Fitted

5 July 2017  |  Admin


The Ford Focus ST in red simply looks stunning, we colour matched these sensors to look like they were factory fitted. These sensors are ultra low in profile being raised by less than 1mm from the vehicles bodywork. We offer a full 3 year warranty on these sensors for complete piece of mind. Did you know having parking sensors reduces your chances by 80% of damaging your vehicle while trying to park. And with the average bumper repair costing anywhere between £200-600 it is very worth while getting a set of rear parking sensors fitted.

These sensors work by detecting objects from 1.5 meters away, this gives you the driver a good notice / warning you are getting closer to a fixed object before your even near it. The sensors installed in this Focus ST came with a buzzer which bleeps faster and faster the closer you get. Giving a solid tone when your 30 cm's away / 12 inches.

The rear parking sensors are automatically activated every time you put the vehicle into reverse gear ( With ignition on / or engine running ). This means you can simply relax when parking and you don't need to worry about turning them on. If you would like parking sensors fitted to your Focus ST or any other vehicle, why not give us a call on 07525 068291.


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