Fiesta ST Alarm And OBD Port Immobiliser

7 December 2016  |  Admin

Fiesta ST's getting stolen is extremely common in the Essex area. Many owners are worried to even leave there car out of sight. We offer many unique packages unlike many other so called specialists. The main package we offer is a alarm system from Vodafone Automotive known as Cobra to many in the UK. And we offer our unique in house custom immobiliser for the vehicles OBD port.

The reason why our system is so good? The OBD port remains in the same place not moved / re-located, and the vehicle can still be remapped or have diagnostic work when the alarm is disarmed. When you press the lock button the alarm system automatically kills the OBD port from working with any key programmer or diagnostic machine. Making your Fiesta ST very secure against attack.

The alarm itself works alongside the original 3 button Ford remote control and it can also be custom programmed to work by the touch buttons on the driver and passenger door handles ( Known as keyless entry ). The alarm protects all the normal zones such as doors, boot, bonnet and the vehicles interior giving you total protection. and this is all backed by a Thatcham approved battery back up 118 db siren.

This system is a full Thatcham Cat 1 alarm system once added to your ST. It secures all the common floors in standard vehicle security. If you would like your Ford Fiesta ST protected in Essex call us on 07525 068291.

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