Fiat 500 Thinkware Dash Cam Fitting Essex

7 February 2019  |  Admin

Dash Cams are becoming more popular not just because of accidents while driving, they are also being used to protect your vehicle while it's parked many car owners are worried about the vehicle being banged / knocked while parked. Also with possible keying of paintwork many owners are worried about leaving there car in an unknown area. We fit these dash cameras in such a way they start recording when the vehicles ignition is turned off also meaning you are protected while driving and when parked.

This Thinkware offers high quality recording by featuring a very high quality 1080p front camera and a 720p rear camera. For the money these cameras are excellent, also offering format free technology meaning there is no need to reformat the SD card manually. You simply drive as per normal and the dash cam does all the work, In the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle you simply remove the micro SD card and put it in your computer to view the footage the system has recorded, you can also change settings of the dash cam when the card is removed.

We fit only or supply and fit dash cameras in the Essex area. You can see by the pictures we offer a very sleek professional installation which unlike many others is done correctly. why not visit our dash cam page to find out more? 

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