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11 July 2024  |  Admin

Eco Trak is new to the aftermarket for 2024. Offering excellent fleet & stolen vehicle recovery products, with advanced features such as OBD immobilisation. Backed by the ultimate stolen vehicle recovery secure control center in the UK, Eco Trak have the edge over many other tracking providers. The Fleet tracking platform is designed with small & large businesses in mind with the Apple & Android mobile app. You could have a very small fleet of 1-4 vehicles and still get the same level of service. The Thatcham Approved S5 & S7 Tracking systems are perfect for peace of mind or to keep your insurance company happy.

The Product Range

Eco Trak Fleet - Purely designed with fleet management in mind with excellent tamper alerts, internal battery back up, and 90 day route history with can be emailed in PDF directly from your portal. Check the location of any fleet vehicle in the matter of seconds from the portal or mobile app.

Eco Trak S7 - Designed for the customer that wants to keep the car insurance happy ( Thatcham S7 Approved ) and keep an eye on on their asset via the desktop portal or smartphone mobile app. The system features battery disconnect alerts and tow away alerts, which is monitored via a secure control center 24 hours a day / 365 days per year.

Eco Trak S5 - This system is a major step up from the lower end systems due to it having driver ID tags, if the vehicle is driven without ID tags the secure control center will call you. With extra optional features such as immobilsation, OBD port blocking and alarm trigger inputs you can rest assured this system features everything you would need. Monitored via a secure control center 24 hours a day / 365 days per year.

Eco Trak S5 Immo - If your looking for immobilisation with a tracking system the Eco Trak S5 Immo gives you the complete package. With a huge amount of extras you can add if required. Immobilisation is auto arming 120 seconds after the vehicles ignition is turned off. Anti Hi-jack / ID tag alerts if the tag is removed from the vehicle while in motion. All backed with a secure control center 24 hours a day / 365 days per year.

Thathcam Approval numbers

  • Eco Trak S7 - TSC578
  • Eco Trak S5 - TSC576
  • Eco Trak S5 Immo - TSC577

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