Directed PKE Keyless Entry

23 June 2015  |  Admin

With many new vehicles coming with keyless entry systems factory fitted, it can be disappointing to find you have picked up a brand new vehicle without it. The Directed PKE Keyless Entry system is fantastic by offering vehicle unlocking wirelessly when you simply walk into range of your vehicle. If you walk away without opening the door it will simply lock giving the very best security at all times. The range can be adjusted to work to your preference.

This system can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles with dedicated interfaces to allow a sleek and unnoticeable installation. The remote that hang's from your vehicles keys has an override button if you wish to manually lock or unlock your vehicle from a larger distance.

This PKE system can be linked into many Clifford and Viper alarms on the market allowing them to disarm and unlock your vehicle without any input from the user. Due to extensive development the battery in the keyless entry remote lasts for a good while.

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