Deadlock Reinforcement Plate

7 July 2016  |  Admin

Do you need a Deadlock Reinforcement Plate when having deadlocks installed? The answer is it depends on the vehicle. The Reinforcement plates are normally used on vehicles where the deadlock can only be mounted in the lower part of the load door. And as such in certain area's in the door there are weaker parts of metal. We call this a thin door skin, as such this will normally be around 1 mm think.

If you install a deadlock in an area where the metal is very thin you have the risk of a thief using a pry bar to push the lock case back into the door. The idea behind fitting this plate is making the door skin extreamly thick meaning a forced attack would be very hard to try and bypass the deadlocking system. The plate is secured with an extra 7 rivets over the standard 2 which normally secure just the lock case.

What types of vehicles are these plates normally installed onto Ford Transits, Mercedes Sprinters and VW Crafters. These are only fitted on load area doors where they can use excessive force to gain entry. We would always recommend using the Thatcham Deadlocks with any vehicle due to there inhanced security.

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