Cobratrak Plus Cat 6 Review

25 October 2015  |  Admin

The most popular stolen vehicle tracker on the market for vehicles up to the value of £90.000. The system is a Thatcham Cat 6 and exceeds the required specs to pass the Thatcham Cat 6 approval. The most important part of the Cobratrak plus system is the anti jamming GSM and anti jamming GPS which many other cheaper tracking systems on the market don't have. The unit is very small meaning it can be hidden very well within the vehicle along with surf star 3 GPS with bounce technology you can be assured of the best possible vehicle recovery performance in the event of a theft.

If your vehicle is stolen the system also uses tri roaming which means its constantly looking for the strongest mobile network signal at all times meaning you have the highest chance of vehicle recovery in the event of a theft. With a wide range of tamper alerts set in place the unit will send an alert message to the call center if the vehicle is moved without the ignition being turned on, and if the vehicles battery or wiring is tampered with the system will alert head office.

The Cobratrak Plus Thatcham Cat 6 is recognized by all insurance companies in the UK so you are guaranteed instant cover by your insurance company without issues. With the subscription charge being affordable at £139 per year or £389 for 5 years. Web access is charged at an additional cost.

We are fully Cobra trained and approved and can carry out your Cobratrak Plus installation in  Essex.

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