Cobra Thatcham Cat 2 Review

14 June 2015  |  Admin


Perfect for classic car owners to customers who just want to protect there motor. The Cobra Cat 2 has remained the same since the early 90's, the saying goes if it ain't broke don't fix it. And Cobra has stuck to this method, these systems are so reliable if they are installed correctly they will last for the life of the vehicle. The only time I have removed these units is when a customer has lost both disarm touch keys.

When you loose 1 touch key you need at least 1 working touch key to allow new ones to be programmed into the system. This is why this system is over the top in terms of security. All black wiring and a solid metal ECU which can't be opened or bypassed quickly. With the system being Thatcham approved you can rest assured 

When turning your vehicles ignition off the immobiliser self arms within 30 seconds. This means you can't forget to arm the system, the only thing you need to do when entering the vehicle is push the touch key onto the LED. This allows you to start the vehicle and drive away as normal.

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