Cobra ADR Battery Replacement

28 June 2015  |  Admin

The Cobra ADR card that comes with the Cobratrak 5 Thatcham Cat 5 stolen vehicle recovery system is a cleaver piece of kit with it's rolling code system and it digitally links to your tracking system when the vehicle is fitted with the Thatcham Cat 5. The ADR Card lasts for a long period of time considering it transmits every couple of seconds. above the button there is a very small LED light. if you put your hand over the top of it you can see it flash. Every time the light flashes the ADR card is transmitting a secure RF signal.

To replace the internal battery you simply un clip the cases on the ADR card and swap the CR2032 battery. We would always suggest a high quality battery such as a Duracell. These will last for a period of around 18 months when it's replaced.

Some customers worry about there battery not working and they won't be able to drive there card. That's not the case due to the Cobra head office sending you an SMS text when the battery is low. The ADR card should always be kept away from excessive heat and should be kept in a dry environment. Most customers keep the cards in there wallet or jacket.


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