Cobra 1046 Review

28 September 2015  |  Admin

The worlds best and most reliable locking kit. Cobra have produced this model for many years and the reason why it's so popular is due to the system giving the customer exactly what they want. With a large lock and a smaller unlock button its extremely easy to use and the remotes have fantastic range unlike many other kits on the market.

The system also offers 2 indicator flash outputs meaning you can get the factory fitted appearance, the Cobra 1046 will flash the indicators twice when locking the vehicle and once when unlocking meaning you can visually check you have locked your vehicle. Another great side to the Cobra remote door locking system is the remote controls are available and can be programmed in by an engineer if you loose one.

The system has 6 wire locking meaning it can be fitted to a very large amount of applications. The system also has a total closure output meaning it can be fitted to a window closure module offering window roll up when the vehicle is locked, please be aware this is an add on. We can supply and fit the Cobra remote central locking kit in Essex.


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