Clifford Releasing Thatcham Approved Tracker

7 January 2017  |  Admin

Well Clifford UK have been keeping this quiet and just releasing a small amount of infomation on the device yesterday. They are releasing two fully approved stolen vehicle recovery trackers under there name. These are....

  • Clifford Connect 5 - Which is a fully approved Thatcham Cat 5 device.
  • Clifford Connect 6 - Which is a fully approved Thatcham Cat 6 device.

The device is being shown at the Autosport show in Birmingham NEC from the 11th of jan. We have a feeling it is going to be running the Vodafone software platform, but nothing has been confirmed to dealers as yet. only time will tell if the device is exactly the same as the Vodafone range of devices. Screen shot of a Clifford dealer on twitter below.

We will update you as soon as more infomation is released.

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