Clifford Can Bus Alarm Review

30 September 2015  |  Admin

Clifford Can - Bus X330 is the way to go if you want an alarm upgrade which works off your original vehicle remote control. These alarms are not compatible with every vehicle due to the restrictions  in software and can-bus platforms. These alarms are commonly used on BMW, VW, Audi and Ford. Many customers like the fact you can add on a proximity sensor which means the alarm will start chirping if you walk up to the drivers or passengers window glass.

This system is a Thatcham Cat 1 once installed on to any vehicle produced after 1996. The nice part about Clifford is the bright blue LED which is very good due to it easily being seen by thefts. With the ability to be custom programmed and wired to immobilise the OBD port this is the perfect package for many vehicles.

If you would like a programmed pin override this will need to be programmed by the engineer on the day of installation. The 330x comes with no override as standard but it can be set up to a 4 digit code of your choice. With a 6 tone revenger siren it really does grab peoples attention to alert them of a possible break in. This system can have many options added such as glass break, Tilt and dual zone proximity. We supply and fit the Clifford Car Alarms in Essex


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