Clifford Arrow 5.1 review

16 July 2015  |  Admin

The Clifford Arrow 5.1 has been on the car scene for years and not a great deal has changed. On the new systems they have upgraded the remote controls meaning you have a nice sleek 4 button remote with a mix of black and silver styling. The system has many features with is a huge advantage over cheaper alarm systems like boot release and the ability to add remote start. The only downsides to this system is there is no on board locking relay's which add's additional costs if you want the central door locking linked up. And the only other disadvantage is the shock sensor isn't built within the the Clifford's alarm unit meaning you have extra components mounted elsewhere behind your vehicles dashboard.

Always remember Clifford can have some awesome extras added such as tilt which is designed to protect your alloy wheels and glass break which instantly triggers the main siren along with the indicators if the glass is cracked or broken. And with the G5 aerial you can be assured of the best range possible unlike many other alarms which only have a short range. With a small siren and a nice bright blue LED there isn't much to not like on the Clifford Arrow 5.1.

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