Clifford 7351X Review

7 July 2015  |  Admin

The LCD rechargeable remote upgrade from Clifford works with the Viper and Clifford series of 2 way alarm systems. This remote is very advanced due to it communiticating every setting and trigger every 4 seconds, this means even if you have a dual zone proximity sensor and it gives a warn away tone it will instantly alert you on the LCD display. With the remote being able to send and receive commands up to 2000ft away this is a fantastic add on to your alarm system.

You can check the status of your alarm system by simply checking the display, it will show a locked logo when the alarm is fully armed and an unlocked logo when the system is fully disarmed. This is a good feature because you can instantly see if your car is locked. On the side of the remote there are 3 buttons, these are used for programming, remote start and AUX features such as boot release. Another handy add on is the onscreen time and battery charge display, when the battery is low it is simply charged via USB from a wall charger or PC.

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