Clifford 508d dual zone proximity

12 July 2015  |  Admin

Used by many installers in the UK, but if these are set up incorrectly these sensors will drive you mad. Some customers like the warn away chirps if someone walks up to the car window glass, with the siren chirping it gives a warning that the vehicle is alarmed. With this sensor being dual zone it makes the interior and exterior is protected. Many customers are amazed how this sensor works with its invisible electric field. When the sensor is set up it will detect anyone looking through your car window and start the siren chirping instantly and if the main vehicles interior is entered the alarm will instantly sound.

This sensor can be fitted to almost all Clifford and Viper car alarms on the market giving you complete piece of mind when choosing a security system. with a 4 wire plug to plug connection it's an easy fit in most cases. If you have had one of these sensors installed its wise to let the installer set the sensor up slowly and allowing the alarm to settle during the testing / fitting period.


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