Clifford 330x2 Discontinued

1 January 2016  |  Admin

Bad news if your looking for a Clifford Can-Bus alarm on your GM, Vauxhall or Saab. Clifford UK released information on the 330X that they will be discontinuing there Can-Bus alarm for the single wire can bus platform. This is due to the chip set inside the module being not longer available. They did mention that in the future they may be able to source a replacement from elsewhere this means it may be a come back in the future.

The Clifford 330x2 was very popular on the Vauxhall vehicles and even some Honda's due to the ability of being able to add a dual zone proximity and other options such as glass break. You might be thinking what can I have fitted now? well there are a huge amount of Can-Bus alarms on the market that we can offer now this alarm is no longer available.

This issue doesn't effect the DB all system or other Clifford systems on the market and all the other platforms such as the X1 & X3 are still on the market. You can view our range of Can-Bus Alarms.

Update: Directed have confirmed the Clifford 330x2 will be back in stock shortly!


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