Cheap China double din are they worth it?

25 July 2015  |  Admin

Many customer's say they don't want to spend a large amount of money on in car entertainment. And they ask is there much difference and are you just paying a fortune for a brand name. The answer is these units which are mainly unbranded or a brand you have never heard of is they are very cheap most under the £200 mark meaning you as a customer think your getting a large amount of features for a very small amount. These unit's have very poor in built components like the radio tuner and sat nav processor for example, most of these radio's are lucky if they pick up more than 2 stations and the processor will always have problems keeping up with customers demands such as the hands free and music streaming.

Some of the units have the ability to have TV linked and this is normally analog meaning it won't work in the UK. Some of the stories I have heard and also seen these units can burn out and in some cases catch fire. These are being made to a very cheap standard and all the components are designed to last a very small amount of time.

With a brand name like Kenwood or Pioneer you will never see these units causing customers these types of issues and they only offer true performance. These units also come with parts designed to do the job correctly. For example many China branded units come with a Bluetooth microphone built into the radios fascia and the Pioneer & Kenwood come with an external microphone which is located by the interior light for the best hands free performance.

The Sat nav mapping in these China units are mostly illegally downloaded iGo sat nav software and have issues working with the units due to it being a universal software and is tweaked to work with these units. In many cases it will leave the customer stressed and in most cases wish they brought a high quality branded unit.

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