Car Alarm Removal Essex

2 January 2016  |  Admin

No matter what brand of car Alarm or car alarm and immobiliser you have in many years time it be become unreliable and require a repair, removal or replacement. The average Thatcham approved car alarm lasts anywhere between 8-15 years. The battery back up siren and the remote controls are always the weakest parts in the chain. The problem with battery back up sirens is the small rechargeable battery inside your siren, just like your mobile phone battery after so many years of charging and discharging  the battery becomes weak meaning in the event of the wiring being cut or unplugged the siren won't trigger. This is a major problem due to the Thatcham approval being void if this doesn't work.

With remote controls they get throw around and dropped several times during vehicle ownership and it may after a period of time cause the remote to fail. We always suggest to all our customers to keep hold of the PIN number. The pin number is required on most alarms to program new remote controls, with this in mind you know how important it is to keep this number safe.

If you have a car alarm that is randomly false alarming or the immobiliser is not turning off correctly. We can arrange a call out via our mobile repair service to come out and fully remove your old faulty car alarm. Car Alarm Removal Essex

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