BMW X5 Pandora Car Alarm Fitted Essex

3 November 2017  |  Admin

The BMW X5 is a well known car for getting stolen. And being in the top 10 stolen car list 4 years in a row it makes sense to secure your BMW X5 to the extremes. The owner of this X5 was taking no risks and decided on the Pandora Pro Light to take the vehicles security to the next level. This alarm offers excellent security such as starter immobiliser, OBD port immobiliser, shock sensor, tilt and motion sensor, and dual zone proximity giving you the best security over any other brand in the world.

The Pandora works on the 868MHz wave length meaning it can't be cloned over the air unlike other manufactures fobs that all work on 433MHz. This also means the OLED remote control can talk to the vehicle from up to 1 mile away giving excellent range unlike any other alarm seen in the UK before. This Pandora Car alarm package also includes the small ADR card. This means the BMW X5 can still be locked and unlocked via the BMW remote. But if you take the fob away from the vehicles keys the alarm won't disarm or allow engine starting.

The Pandora offers much more than any other alarm on the market and the Can-Bus software is designed with each vehicle in mind, meaning the alarm can be fully installed within 2-3 hours. In Car Advancements are fully approved installers of the Pandora Car Alarm products due to us being the best security installers in the Essex area. If you would like a Pandora Car Security system installed give us a call on 07525 068291.

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