BMW Mini Protected By Pandora Mini BT Essex

29 May 2019  |  Admin

The BMW Mini is a big target using the same BCM as the common BMW vehicles that are stolen on a daily basis such as the 3 and 4 series along with the X5 and X6 models. Protecting your BMW Mini from theft should be at the top of your list. Our customer wanted excellent protection and the Pandora Mini BT is the perfect choice to protect your investment. The Mini BT protects all doors, boot and bonnet. It features a full on board shock sensor which offers warn away for light impacts and a full alarm trigger for a harsh impact.

It also features a tilt sensor which protects your alloy wheels, this means if the alarm is armed and the vehicle is jacked up the alarm will start sounding. Another awesome sensor is the motion sensor this detects movement of the vehicle such as rolling or dragging. If the vehicle is pulled along the alarm will sound alerting people near by.

The alarm features the ability to arm or disarm via the original remote or keyless entry on the vehicle. On this install we also included anti hijack which works by detecting if the Pandora ADR tag has left the vehicle. Once the system finds the tag is no longer within the vehicles interior the system will start a 30 second count down then immobilise the engine. The ADR tag is also used to stop the vehicle from starting if there is no tag within the interior when the ignition is turned on.

We are Pandora Platinum dealers in the Essex area and offer a fully mobile service installing the Pandora car alarm systems.

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