BMW Mini F56 Thinkware Front and Rear Dash Cam Fitted Laindon

13 October 2022  |  Admin

The Thinkware systems are the number 1 choice when it comes to reliability and performance, this is exactly why we recommended this set up for this 2018 Mini Cooper. We configure and wire this system in such a way it offers driving mode recording which means the system will automatically record while driving and it also offers parking mode, many customers ask what does the parking feature mean? it means when the ignition is turned off the system will automatically record on motion & impact. This feature is perfect if your parked up in a supermarket car park and someone drives into / hits your vehicle while your away.

This will be saved as a parking impact or motion event allowing you to view the footage back when you return back to your vehicle. A huge amount of dash cams only offer driving recording and as such this is a major flaw in dash cams. You can view the footage back via a windows desktop or laptop, it also allows the footage to be viewed back via a compatiable smartphone, the wifi can be turned on while sitting inside the vehicle with the ignition on and you can download the footage.

The smartphone app can be found here



The system automatically reformats the SD card and the Thinkware dash cam will require no use input at all. Simply get in the vehicle and drive as normal. We are fully mobile in the Essex area fitting dash cams to a very high standard Call 07525 068291 to find out more.

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