BMW Mini Cooper S Autowatch Ghost Fitted Essex

26 June 2020  |  Admin

If you own a BMW Mini you are more than likely aware they use the BMW F series running gear. As such they are just as easy to steal as the BMW 3,4 & 5 series which are all in the top 10 stolen cars in the UK. This BMW is now secured by the Tassa approved Autowatch Ghost offering the most advanced Can-Bus immobiliser. The idea behind the Ghost is to use the interior buttons before an engine start. This means you turn the ignition on and enter a pin via the buttons, once entered correctly you will get 2 flashes from the vehicles indicators and the vehicle will be able to start as normal.

If for example the pin number isn't entered the vehicle simply won't be allowed to start. This means even if a thief breaks into your house for the keys and they unlock the vehicle the car will be completely immobilised. The Ghost 2 Tassa also comes with the QR code which means stickers are placed in certain areas in the vehicle ( out of sight ) this helps the police find stolen vehicle parts and components in the event of the vehicle being stripped if they can't steal it.

The Ghost 2 has been around for many years and has stopped many cars from being stolen. The Ghost is an invisible installation meaning no one knows what device has been fitted offering the best security. Some Can-Bus immobilisers use a buzzer to let a customer know they haven't entered a pin number, this is NOT as secure as the Ghost to to a thief being able to trace the buzzer back to the main unit. The Ghost uses the original vehicles indicator lights to confirm pin entry.

We are the original Autowatch Ghost installers ( since the product was released in 2016 ) and are fully Tassa approved offering outstanding installations and customer care. Want a Ghost 2 installed? call us on 07525 068291.

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