BMW M5 Pandora Mini BT Fitted Essex

20 February 2019  |  Admin

This customers BMW M5 was protected to the extreme with the Pandora Mini BT offering excellent security by putting a stop to key scanning and key cloning. The Mini BT will only disarm once it detects a tag being within range of the vehicle. This allows the alarm to remain in a pre disarmed state and keep the immobilisers active. This system also features can-bus blocking on this vehicle meaning the engine will die if any movement is detected after the anti hijack phase.

This system offers excellent security over any other product on the market. This alarm is very sleek once installed all you see within the vehicles interior is a small override button which is used for emergency pin code disarming and iPhone or android Bluetooth pairing. This system protects all the usual zones such as doors, boot, bonnet and the interior is protected via a dual zone shock sensor. The alloy wheels are protected by a  tilt sensor and the vehicle can't be dragged or moved from the owners driveway without triggering the motion sensor.

The alarm features a 120 db siren which sounds in the event of an alarm trigger. You can also connect to the system to change settings via Bluetooth ( You need to be within a close range of the car ), once your connected you can change shock sensor settings, tilt sensors settings and much more such as ADR tag range detection.

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