BMW M5 Competition Meta S5 VTS Fitted Brentwood Essex

28 January 2021  |  Admin

If you are the lucky owner of a BMW M5 competition your insurance will more than likely want a Thatcham S5 tracker installed for complete piece of mind. Many owners don't know that these vehicles can still be stolen in around 45 seconds. As such many insurance companies are worried about giving cover if there is no additional security fitted, they wouldn't issue insurance unless this vehicle was fitted with a Thatcham S5. This tracker works by having an ADR tag that sits on the vehicles keys and if the ignition is turned on without an adr tag within range it will send an alert to the tracking head office and in turn they will call you and ask if the vehicle has been stolen.

The ADR tag method gives you the best chance of getting the vehicle back due to the tracking company alerting you when the theft has just taken place. Rather than finding out hours later and the vehicle could have been shipped out the country. The good part we like about Meta is the 12 months subscription is included with the unit meaning you don't have to worry about the subscription cost until a years time, the re-newal cost is £150 for a years subscription.

Having a tracker gives the owner complete piece of mind that MetaTrak head office is watching there vehicle 24 hours / 365 days per year. If for example the vehicle was lifted or dragged away the system also has a motion sensor meaning the owner would be alerted straight away. For additional security the system has its own onboard battery which allows the system to work even if the vehicles battery is disconnected. Meta are the largest stolen vehicle tracking provider in the world due to there massive production plant in Italy.

If you would like a Meta S5 VTS tracker installed contact Dave on 07525 068291.

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