BMW M1 Pandora Mini BT Fitted Essex

18 September 2019  |  Admin

The BMW M1 is just as common as the BMW 3,4 & 5 series to get stolen due to them using the same CAS unit and keyless entry system as the other models. As such they can be stolen within 20-40 seconds, this is a big worry for many BMW owners and as such they look at other ways to secure the vehicle. Luckily In Car Advancements have a solution to secure your BMW 1 series! The Pandora Mini BT this system offers a massive range of features and security, main advantages are a full alarm system, full immobilisation, along with Anti Hijack on certain models. The Mini protects all major entry points on the BMW such as doors, boot and bonnet. The alarm also has 4 on board sensors to give you complete security. 

  • Warn Away shock sensor ( detects lighter impacts such as a football or a sharp bang to the window glass.)
  • Full Trigger shock sensors ( detects a heavy impact such as a brick going through the window.)
  • Tilt Sensor ( triggers the full alarm if the vehicle is jacked up to steal your alloy wheels.)
  • Motion Sensor ( Detects the vehicle being dragged or towed / for example a recovery vehicle stealing your car. )

With all these sensors you can rest assured your vehicle will remain secure at all times and if under attack the alarm will start sounding. The siren is 120db in volume meaning it will grab the attention of anyone nearby. The system uses a secure ADR tag in order to disarm the system and turn off the immobiliser when entering the vehicles interior. Without this tag being within range the alarm will remain armed and sound the alarm shortly after the door has been opened. The ADR tag also shuts down if no movement is detected by the tag, meaning the keys can be left on a window seal near the vehicle and the alarm won't disarm until it senses movement from the tag. These ADR tags shut down after around 5 mins of no movement giving excellent security.

If you would like a Pandora Car Alarm system installed look no further than In Car Advancements we are the only Pandora Platinum dealer in Essex.

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