BMW Key interface module for 2006 onwards 3/5 Series and X5

10 November 2016  |  Admin

The BMWKI interface has to be used on remote start installations when installing a Clifford or Viper remote start system. This only applies to BMW vehicles which feature the PTS system ( Push To Start ) this is common on the 3 series, 5 series and the X5 models.

With the button within BMW's they have a ribbon cable attached to the ignition module then it attaches to the switch itself. When fitting a remote start system they have no ability to link into ribbon cable. This is why Directed had a module made for BMW's. The module is fairly simple but expensive due to the technology and research that went into making the unit.

Using this module also means none of your original BMW warranty will be effected. Being a D2D product it also means it will link into your directed product behind the vehicles dashboard and they talk to each other over there own data network meaning a large amount of wiring doesn't have to be run.

If you would like a remote start installation carried out on your BMW why not take a look at our Remote start page?

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