BMW 1 Series F20 Pandora Storm Fitted Stanford-Le-Hope Essex

17 November 2021  |  Admin

The Pandora Storm is proving to be a must have for many customers. The Pandora Storm was fitted to this customers BMW 1 series F20 due to him being worried about car theft and many friends telling him to get his new vehicle secured. Now the Storm is fitted the vehicle isn't going anywhere unless a secure Pandora ADR tag is close to the vehicle it will remain in an immobilised state. This system also allows a smartphone to be paired in meaning you could use your phone as a tag in an emergancy. The Pandora Storm uses normal wiring cuts plus the more common way which is Can-Bus immobilisation. No other immobiliser on the market comes close to how secure the Pandora Storm is.

Pandora allows owners to keep there car secure but with very little hassle to the owner, you can simply get in and start the vehicle as normal. The only maintenance the system requires is a CR2032 battery replacement every 6 months on average. The Pandora ADR tag can''t be key scanned or range extended like original vehicle remotes making it very secure and gives you piece of mind when leaving the vehicle.

The owner of this 1 series also had the optional extra anti hi-jack which means once a Pandora ADR tag leaves the interior the Storm will start counting down a timer while bleeping and flashing the vehicles indicators. Once this timer expires the vehicle will become immobilised and will not restart unless a secure ADR tag is back within range. If you want to find out more why not give us a call on 07525 068291, we are the platinum dealer for Essex.


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