BMW 1 Series Cobra Front Flush Mount Sensors Fitted Billericay

28 September 2020  |  Admin

This BMW 1 Series F20 had the factory fitted flush mount rear sensors but it had no front sensors spec'ed at the factory, as such we advised the customer the best product for their vehicle was the Cobra 17mm Cobra front flush mount sensors. The Cobra Flush mounts are by far the best style of parking sensor on the market. When we use the professionally designed Cobra hole punch the hole created is so clean you wouldn't even know the hole was made in the bumper after it left the factory. The sensors were located in the original locations.

Most later BMW bumpers are marked with the exact locations on the back of the bumper meaning we can get the factory appearance almost 100%. These sensors work by having a Cobra interior mounted switch. This switch is pressed in order to wake the sensors up for 45 seconds, if no objects are detected within this time the sensors will automatically shut down to avoid annoying false alarms. When you wish to park up just simply press and hold the Cobra P switch for 1 second. The system will bleep once and then become active, while the system is detecting objects the system will remain on for maximum protection.

All wiring is professionally loomed into the factory harness and you will be left with an excellent finish and the only items you will see is the 4 Cobra 17mm parking sensor heads & the Cobra P switch within the vehicles interior. The sensors have a buzzer which is hidden away behind the vehicles dash meaning nothing changes to interior any further. We protect the original bumper with mats and towels meaning there is no chance of your bumper getting marked or damaged during the removal & refit. We are the NO1 installers of Cobra parking sensors in the Essex area and if you would like to book your vehicle in call us on 07525 068291.

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