Bluetooth ADR Autowatch Key Guard

16 September 2016  |  Admin

We thought the idea of the Autowatch Ghost was outstanding when it was released a few months ago. The only downside was having the enter a selection of buttons via your steering wheel or door switches, without this the vehicle simply wouldn't start or move. This was a great idea due to the thief not knowing there was any form of immobiliser on the vehicle or even being able to detect it via the vehicles can-bus system.

Now this is the exciting bit we like! Autowatch have just released an iphone app. This links via Bluetooth via a secure encrypted signal going from your phone to the autowatch ghost. The customer has to enter a 6 digit security pin number before the auto watch ghost will be detectable. Once paired the iphone works as an ADR device and once the Autowatch Ghost detects your phone is in range the vehicle will be allowed to start.

This is a move forward in the right direction due to the customer only having to sit inside the vehicle and press the start button and not have to worry about pressing a configuration of buttons. If you phone runs out of battery all you have to do is enter your secret button sequence to allow the vehicle to start.

The iPhone app cost is £9.95 from Autowatch, and it will be available for Android shortly.

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