Black Cobra Ultrasonics

20 May 2016  |  Admin

In Car Advancements is a security specialist and as such you will more than likely tell from our installs, we aim to get the most OE ( Original Equipment ) feel possible with all our installs. And sometimes it just takes that little bit more effort to get that complete sleek original look. And with our choice of high quality and performance security systems you can rest assured we are the no1 specialist in Essex.

In the picture above we have got the standard white / grey ultrasonics and have taken them apart and painted them in a nice OE matt black which makes the sensors look like a part of the roof lining. These sensors are mounted just above the vehicles A- Pillars to give the alarm the signal if movement is detected inside your vehicle when the alarm is armed.

If you have factory fitted ultrasonics we can replace these with the Cobra sensors or we can add a microwave sensor which allows both sensors to work without the worry or problems of false alarms. Remember we have a security page to help you choose the right system for your vehicle and a specialist on the phone to help during working hours on 07525 068291 or you can drop us an email

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