Autowatch Ghost

14 February 2016  |  Admin

This really is next level in terms of modern security. This system is the most secure in terms of immobilisation on new vehicles and I will tell you why. This immobiliser doesn't use the common everyday analog wiring connections. it uses a very advanced software platform in order to immobilise the vehicle via the vehicles Can-Bus line. This means even the most professional vehicle thief wouldn't know how to get the immobiliser bypassed this is due to the Autowatch ghost system being undectable via diagnostic OBD port. The system works by locking down a software code within the vehicle and it will give different commands meaning every vehicle will be secured differently.

The system is disarmed via a series of key presses from the original vehicle controls. For example you could have to press a couple of steering wheel control buttons and then a window up button in order for the vehicle to start. In the event of an emergency there is a pin code override to make the system always reliable.

Why is this immobiliser so effective? it is simply due to no RF signals are being sent or received and the system module is so small it can be fitted inside the vehicles harnesses and you would never know where its been fitted. This means its ultra secure unlike other devices on the market. We supply and fit the Autowatch Ghost in the Essex area.


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