Autowatch Ghost User Manual

18 May 2017  |  Admin

In Car Advancements are fully approved Autowatch Ghost installers based in the Essex area. We are fully mobile and can install your Ghost at your home or workplace in Essex. visit our Contact Us page to book your installation.

If you have an Autowatch Ghost fitted it is always best to read the manual fully to understand the system completely before attempting to use your vehicle for the first time with the Ghost installed. There are 3 ways in total you can disarm your Ghost system.

  • Entering the pin number via buttons on steering wheel, door switches, centre console switches.
  • Using your iPhone to turn the Ghost off everytim e you enter the vehicle.
  • Entering the pin number via the accelerator pedal * Emergancy override*

You can also re-program your pin number by simply following the user guide.

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