Autowatch Ghost QR Fingerprint

19 May 2020  |  Admin

All new Tassa Approved Autowatch Ghosts now come with the QR Finger Print stickers. All these stickers are registered with Autowatch and Tassa. They are hidden within different areas on the vehicle such as trim panels and body work. This is an extra level of protection incase your vehicle is broken for parts for example. All the stickers installed are linked to the International security register, this means in the event of a part removed and sold on the black market being scanned by a QR scanner it can instantly be linked to the original owner giving a very high level of security.

This is another good move by Autowatch due to them adding another level of security to the Ghost product. Please be aware all new Ghost installations moving forward from March 2020 are Tassa approved meaning every Ghost will come with a QR card. This card is to be kept in a safe place incase you need it in the future. No other security product on the market comes with QR security stickers as yet and it simply gives another level of protection over any other Can-Bus immobiliser on the market.

Tassa has made the Autowatch Ghost become highly recognized in the aftermarket with insurance companies willing to have customers install the Ghost before they will insure the vehicle for theft. This is simply another reason to have the Autowatch Ghost installed if your looking for an effective immobiliser to secure your vehicle.

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