Autowatch Ghost iPhone Pairing

18 May 2017  |  Admin

Smart-phone application

Your Autowatch Ghost can connect to our unique smart-phone application using Bluetooth Low Energy. When connected to this application you can simply get in your car and drive away without entering the PIN code. The smart-phone/Ghost communication is entirely encrypted and uses a unique code for every unit so nobody can copy or take control of your Ghost.
Compatibility is constantly evolving, contact Autowatch for more information regarding your phone type or search your application store.

Pairing your Ghost to your smart-phone

Once you have installed the Autowatch Ghost app from your smart-phone app store. Open the app and select the option to create a new pairing.
Put the Ghost into pin learning mode using the following sequence: 1. Switch ignition on (do not start the engine) 2. Enter your PIN code 3. Press and hold the accelerator to the floor 4. Enter your PIN code again 5. Press the Service button once 6. The unit should now pop up on your phone, enter the 6 digit Bluetooth pairing code as it appear in your user manual.

Removing a pairing

Once a smart-phone has been paired with an Autowatch Ghost it can be removed in one of two ways.  1. Mutual removal 2. Forced removal

Mutual removal

This is the preferred method of removing the Bluetooth pairing. To achieve this, you need to be in range and connected to the vehicle. Select the remove pairing option in the Autowatch Ghost app. The smartphone and Autowatch Ghost are now free to create a new pairing.

Forced removal

Only use this in the event of the smart-phone or vehicle not being available to perform the mutual removal process. If you perform the forced removal process on either the smart-phone or Autowatch Ghost, it will leave the other part of the pairing unable to create another pairing until it too has gone through the corresponding forced removal process. Compete both forced removals to allow pairing to be done in future.
In app forced removal: To remove the Autowatch Ghost from the smart-phone, follow the instruction in the app.  
In vehicle forced removal: To remove the smart-phone from the Autowatch Ghost you simply re-learn your current PIN code. To do this follow the PIN change procedure mentioned in this document and simply re-enter your current PIN code. The indications will flash rapidly at the end on the procedure to confirm that the smart-phone pairing has been removed. Your PIN code will not have changed in this process.


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