Auto Vision Window Film Review

17 October 2015  |  Admin

The latest window film from Bonwyke Automotive line. There isn't much information on this film due to it being very new to the UK market place, but I have got to say this film is stunning and with a better shrink over many popular window films it makes installing the film to curved glass a breeze. With a good range of shades starting from your normal 5, 15, 20, 35, 50 you have a shade for any type of customer looking for a window film installation. And with Bonwyke offering a lifetime warranty on the film and a 10 year anti fade guarantee you simply can't go wrong.

With the Auto Vision film stopping 99% of UV sun rays its safe to have installed for your children to protect there skin whilst traveling in your vehicle. As always its only legal to tint the rear windows and the front windows can't be tinted by law. With the Auto Vision film the clarity looking out the windows is excellent. They have also updated the colour range to match most factory window tints on the market today.

With a much better scratch resistance than many other films on the market the film will hold up well against normal wear and tear, you can quickly and easily clean the window film with a microfiber and basic window cleaner.


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