Audi S5 Pandora Mini BT Fitted Essex

13 August 2019  |  Admin

The Audi S5 is a number 1 vehicle thieves steal in Essex, sadly owners need to protect there pride and joy before it's to late. The Pandora Mini BT offers excellent protection such as a full alarm and immobiliser system which gives complete security and piece of mind with its added anti hijack feature. once the ADR tag leaves the vehicles interior the vehicle will start its anti hijack countdown timer and after this period has expired the vehicle will become immobilised.

The system offers complete protection against the common forms of key scanning and key cloning to protect you against all the forms of attacks the thieves may carry out to try and steal your vehicle. The Pandora Mini BT offers a huge amount of features as standard. No other alarm system comes close to the protection this system provides, the Mini offers protection for your doors, boot, bonnet and has full onboard additional sensors such as dual zone shock sensors, tilt sensors to protect your alloy wheels, motion sensors which are designed to detect dragging the vehicle away to put the vehicle onto a tow truck.

The Mini BT offers a loud 118db siren to warn / scare thieves away. This system remains active at all times unless a secure ADR tag is within range of the vehicle meaning you don't have to worry about key scanning or cloning attacks. You can rest assured Pandora will secure your asset. Contact us today on 07525 068291 to discuss your security requirements.

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