Audi S4 Autowatch Ghost 2 Fitted Essex

7 July 2020  |  Admin

Autowatch Ghost 2 fitted to an Audi S4 offering excellent security against key theft, key scanning and key cloning. As you are more than likely aware later S4 models are keyless and as such it's even easier to steal one of these vehicles off the owners driveway. However this customer actually had his house broken into in order to steal the vehicles keys. This won't be happening again due to the Autowatch Ghost offering complete engine immobilisation in the event of the vehicle being started without the code being entered. This means the vehicle will start for 1 second and the engine will die, You will not be able to drive the vehicle unless the owners secure code is entered via the interior buttons.

The Autowatch Ghost works very well on this vehicle and offers outstanding protection. unlike other immobilisers with buzzers which can be found alot more quickly the ghost is so small it can be loomed into the vehicles harness and it uses the original dash board cluster to give the owner confirmation the code has been entered correctly. And best of all if the vehicle is stolen Autowatch offer a money back guarantee ( terms and conditions apply ).

The Audi S4 has a good amount of buttons which can be used within the interior giving the customer a good choice to make a secure pin code. The Autowatch Ghost also offers service mode for when the vehicle is going into the dealers. Meaning they can work on the vehicle without the Ghost immobilising the vehicle, this is also great for remapping meaning the Ghost won't block any ECU flashing. If you would like an Autowatch Ghost 2 installed why not call us today on 07525 068291.

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